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An Innovative RF Shielding Firm in Newport Beach, California

Equip your MRI testing facility with well-designed RF shielding from Concept Technology (ConTech), a well-known engineering and manufacturing firm in Newport Beach, California. Come see why we are the MRI shielding provider of choice for hospitals and labs across the US.

What We Do
Since 1981, we have developed effective RF (radio frequency) shielding for many clients across the US and around the world. With our expertise in linear accelerator and telecommunications technology, we serve clients in 4 different industries:

Health Care Industry • Energy Sector • Construction Industry • Aerospace & Defense Industry

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A Recognized Engineering Company
We have been recognized by the US federal government for years for our commitment to innovation, ingenuity, and providing economical solutions to technical problems. In fact, our office is right in the heart of the technology hub of Orange County.

Our Services in a Nutshell
At ConTech, we develop different types of RF shielding for operators of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), LINAC (linear accelerator), TEMPEST (government emissions security), defense, and telecommunications facilities. Here are the comprehensive services we provide with respect to our shielding:

Planning • Design • Licensing • Financing • Manufacturing
• Operating • Maintaining

Technological Innovators
We are on the threshold of new computer technology, including the use of the latest CAD (computer-aided design) software. Our knowledgeable staff looks forward to helping you transform concepts into reality using the incredible technology of the new millennium.

For RF shielding designs that allow for error-free MRI diagnostic imaging,
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