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Expertly-Made MRI Shielding from Our Company

Ensure accurate medical diagnostic results with MRI shielding designed by Concept Technology (ConTech), a engineering, testing, and manufacturing firm located in Newport Beach, California. Full-service RF shielding development and testing what we do best.

A Need for Effective Radiation Shielding
As the automation of military command, control, communications, and intelligence system expands, so has the importance of housing these potentially dangerous systems. In addition, the increasing need for MRI facilities has also brought the subject of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) into the limelight.

MRI, MRI Shielding in Newport Beach, CA

What RF Shielding Is
In an MRI facility, RF waves are used to help construct soft tissue images to detect medical abnormalities such as cancer. Radio-frequency (RF) shielding is found on all six room surfaces and attenuates stray RF waves, preventing them from entering the MRI chamber and interfering with obtaining accurate tissue images.

Our Shields
Our patented shields use pure copper as the conducting medium and feature a prefabricated design that uses the highest grade of structural materials. Our shields are self-supporting and resistant to seismic tremor activity so you can trust their reliability. Choose between different grades of steel for your magnetic shielding.

A Foolproof Design
Our shields include UL®- Certified RF filters which allow electrical power, lighting, fire alarm, and thermostat signals to be brought into the MRI room. Rest assured we provide you with a maintenance-free door with a continuous RF seal.

Meeting High Standards
Our shields have built-in RF windows that give your diagnostic technician a clear, crisp view of the patient’s tissues that are free of Moire interference patterns. Our designs are so well respected that they meet MIL-STD-285 (military attenuation standards) and other government shielding requirements.

An Attractive Design
The beautiful, factory-made architectural finish and RF skylights ensure your MRI patient has a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing exam. Here is just a sample of the impressive companies currently using our shielding products:

GE• Siemens• Phillips• Marconi• Toshiba• Hitachi

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